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Client Testimonials

Major I’m glad I found you, finally a fire extinguisher company that provides the kind of service that I feel I’m not being ripped off.” 6/10/14

“Hello Alex, thanks again fixing those fire extinguishers in such quick time, because before I take my vacation I wanted to have everything in order. That’s why I love you guys, You’re the best!” 8/8/14

“Hi Willie, thank you for the prompt service! The inspector came at 9:00am and all the units were charged and up to date. You saved the day!” 09/17/2014

“Hey Tony, thanks for responding so quickly. The delivery of the Fire Extinguishers (2-20 lb ABC for each site) on Oct/20/14, 7:45 am will be greatly appreciated. Your offer to follow up with me upon completion of the job is wonderful.
Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow morning with the follow up.
Have a great day.”

“HI Ivan, Just to thank you for everything you did to have these extinguishers expedited. You guys are number one!!! Take care and have a wonderful holiday!” 12/10/14